Pure silk gowns, made entirely by hand in our traditional British atelier, bringing to life beautiful heirloom pieces through a combined 90 years experience in high fashion and timeless European craftsmanship.

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British Handmade Bridal Gowns
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- Pilar Gibson

"The moment I tried it on I had goosebumps, your dresses are magical"

- Elizabeth Lakes 

"its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, your work is flawless"

- Iva Milihram 

"thanks to your dress I felt like a goddess"

- Ioanna Zar

"thank you for such a Ethereal gown, love at first sight"

- Sarah M.

"you made such a beautiful piece of clothing that made me feel so empowered"

- Catrina Mira 

"Thank you for the most beautiful dress ever"

- Eliza Gosse

"I have never worn a more beautiful silk it makes you feel like you are floating"

- Danille Vickers

"your dress made me feel like the most beautiful bride"

- Paige Nelson

"The silk was so soft and luxurious"

- Marion Lorent 

"It was everything I dreamed of, the perfect dress"

- Betuel Dogan 

"the most beautiful dress on earth"

- Kieta Van Newyk 

"Still obsessed with this dress , you made me feel like the most magical bride"

Slow, soft, gentle and considered, pure silk pieces made in England.

Each gown is made to order, by hand from chemical free silk, the process is gentle and considered, 4 months from start to finish.

We use ethical, kind and fair practices throughout our female run studio with our highly skilled artisan makers being paid £270 per day for their highly valued skill, decades of experience and knowledge.

Soft detail, fluid vibrant fabric, intention, care, and diaphanous flow form a sensual feminine alive gown, full of movement life and love.



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Our bridal studio is located in the historic town of Lewes, East Sussex

The Alma Collection

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Care, quality, craftsmanship and preservation of ritual are central to LUNA BEA. Below we have shared our expert industry knowledge on how to care for, store, prepare and love your gown, before, during and after your ceremony. Everything you need to care for her for multiple memories and future generations.

Luna Bea Gown Care Guide